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Wing Chun Blog - Sifu Linda's Roots of Wing Chun China Trip

Wing Chun Blog - Sifu Linda

Roots of Wing Chun Tour

Singapore, Taiwan, Southern China, Northern China

November, December 2015

When you come back from a Wing Chun Tour, your mind is abuzz with all that has happened and your body is glad for a rest. After you get over the jet lag and your mind has calmed a bit, you finally get to start thinking back over the journey. You recount stories and tales from the tour which allows you to relive the experiences over and over again. Finally you start to absorb all the wonderful things that occurred, the fabulous places we visited, ponder over the incredible food you’ve eaten and reflect on the amazing people that you met along the way.  It is always a fantastic experience. I can’t believe it has taken me 5 months to get my head out of the clouds and do some blogs.

Our 2015 tour focused on wing chun outside of China, primarily Singapore and Taiwan.
Once the Second World War and the Communist Revolution was finally over in China, a lot of wisdom, intellect and knowledge fled from China and escaped into Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.
Throughout our travels we also visited various tourist venues.
The first wing chun school on our journey will be in Singapore, where we will visit Joel Lee Sifu, whose lineage stems from Yip Man and Leung Ting.

Next we are off to Taiwan, to visit with Grand Master Yip Man's nephew, Grandmaster Lo Man Cam. Lo Man Kam lived with Yip Man in Foshan, learning wing chun kung fu along the way.

We will then fly to Fuzhou in Southern China where we will visit the Southern Shaolin Temple.

The next experience is a fast train to Shanghai, it was very exciting to spend a couple of days in this ancient city.

Our final leg was another fast train to Beijing, where we spent the last four days.

Then it's all over and back to Melbourne, Australia.

Stay tuned for a step by step account through the trip.

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