Friday, 4 August 2017

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Wing Chun the Great Teacher of Life

Wing Chun is a very practical system for the modern martial artist based on science and logic, teaching us to adapt and change with the situation. Practicing this unique system will enhance ones general health, intelligence, motor skill, balance, focus and will raise ones martial skill to one of the highest levels it can possibly reach. All we have to do is be diligent and determined in our training.
Wing Chun is a thinking man's art that puts that puts muscles in our brains, not muscles in your brain.
Wing Chun is not just one of the most dynamic martial arts system in the world, its principles and concepts are a great teacher of how people can live their lives from day to day.
Wing Chun teaches us to take the shortest path, so in life this principle should stay the same, even though most will choose the longest and most difficult path in life.
Wing Chun teaches us to be spontaneous; spontaneity is the essence of life.
Wing Chun teaches us not to fight force on force - teaches us to go with the flow, be relaxed and natural; even though most will go against the flow and 'bang their heads against brick walls'.
Wing Chun teaches us not to over commit, so don't give yourself impossible tasks or goals and end up beating yourself up when  you cannot achieve the impossible goals you have created for yourself; be it health, fitness, finances, love, friendship, ethics or morals; keep the goals simple. Take one step at a time.
Wing Chun teaches us to stay balanced and focused - we should try and keep our lifestyle and psychology simple and balanced without getting overly excited or mentally run down, try and stay on a more level path.
Wing Chun teaches us to live in the moment
don't dwell on the past or the future
stay focused on the moment
the now,  today
for today is a gift
that is why it is called the present.

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